Terms For Partners

Quote Stock Sell Partners terms of use

Becoming a partner forms a binding contract between me and the proprietor of this website the Quote Stock Sell group of companies (QSS):

  • 1. I will only access my client’s data if I have been directed to do so by my client.
  • 2. I will always act in the best interests of my client, particularly when dealing with his or her data on the QSS System. What constitutes “best interests” will be determined solely by QSS.
  • 3. I am required to be a registered reseller with QSS in order to have clients grant “external accountant level user access” to staff members of my organisation.
  • 4. I acknowledge that I will only be able to access the QSS System for as long as a registered client of QSS has granted me such access.
  • 5. I acknowledgethat permission to access the QSS System is controlled by clients of QSS and is not a function of QSS administrative staff.
  • 6. I acknowledgethat neither my client nor I are being charged a fee by QSS for “single instance external accountant level user access”to the QSS System.
  • 7. I understand that my client can add one “external accountant level user” only to his or her QSS account.
  • 8. If I require another member of my organisation to act as a QSS client’s “external accountant level user”, I am required to enterthat person in my authorised QSS resellerclient area so thatthe client can add that member of my organisation as his or her“external accountant level user”.
  • 9. I am solely responsible for the data manipulation undertaken on my clients’ behalf by me and by all members of my organisation. If I leave this organisation and another staff member assumes my role within this organisation, I acknowledge that the rights and obligations under this agreement pass to that person.
  • 10. I will limit access to the QSS System tothe staff I have added to my QSS accountand I will immediately terminate access to the QSS System for any staff wholeaves my organisation’s employment.
  • 11. I acknowledge that I may have access to the “QSS partner and end user training system” and I agree to only use this system for the purposes of training QSS clients, furthering my organisation’s staff education regarding the operation of the QSS System and for demonstrating the QSS System to new and potential clients of my organisation.
  • 12. I will not demonstrate the QSS System to competitors of QSS nor will I demonstrate the QSS System in any manner that may be detrimental to QSS.
  • 13. As a “registered partner organisation” I understand that I am able to resell my organisation’s skillsand knowledge of the QSS System by way of consulting andI agree that I will not represent myself or my organisation as being employed by or otherwise affiliated with QSS.
  • 14. I agree to be contacted by e-mail from QSS.
  • 15. I understand that QSS or I may terminate this agreement at any point in time and that I will advise my clients as soon as possible that my access to the QSS System will cease when this agreement is terminated.
  • 16. As a “registered partner” of QSS I agree to represent QSS at all times in a positive and professional manner in all my dealings with clients and that if any issues arise regarding the operation of the QSS System by my organisation or my clients’ organisations I will advise QSS without delay so as to facilitate a prompt solution.
  • 17. I understand that the advice I give to my clients or potential clients is my advice and is not advice provided by QSS.
  • 18. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the QSS User Agreement that customers of QSS are required to sign before being granted access to the QSS System and will abide by that User Agreement at all times. Please click here