QSSConnect information

QSSConnect information

QSSConnect is a hosted connector service allowing you to link your cloud software services together to copy data from one to the other. At present we support MINDBODY Online connection to Xero and can bring your MINDBODY sales transaction data across into Xero saving you from manually re-entering that data into Xero. If you would like to sign up with MINDBODY please Click here  to go to their sign up page.

QSSConnect information

Simply sign up to QSSConnect and then within QSSConnect you authorise MINDBODY and Xero to interact with QSSConnect ( by Quote Stock Sell) then select each MINDBODY payment type and match it up to a Xero account from the drop down boxes provided. Then do the same with your MINDBODY Revenue Categories and Xero Tracking Categories. For Australia, New Zealand and the UK we allow you to configure your GST/VAT codes for sales as well.

For USA, Canada and other countries set your sales tax codes imported from Xero. There are a few things to be aware of though so please ensure you read through the help file overview section once you are logged in (look for the “?” icon).  You can also link your Gift Certificates directly to a liability account on the balance sheet.

It is important to note that if you change a historical MINDBODY transaction this will not be reflected in your accounting system, you must credit the original transaction and then enter a new transaction (this is probably technically better from an audit trail perspective as well). This also applies to “Void” transactions. They will not come across if voided after an update has uploaded the data. You need to reverse the transaction instead and re-enter a new correct transaction.

Frequently asked questions

MINDBODY sales data is not presented to us with a cost of goods sold value against each line item so we do not have that information to retrieve. Additionally a split payment for an item is recorded in the same way as a sale for two individual items in the one transaction, for example let us suppose that you usually sell fitballs for $50 and they cost you $20 each and a customer buys one and pays $25 in cash and $25 by credit card. The MINDBODY transaction we receive will show as a sale of 1 x Fitball at $25 paid cash and 1 x Fitball at $25 paid credit card on the one transaction reference, but there is no way for us to tell for sure from the sales data provided if the client purchased one or two Fitballs here as the transaction for purchasing two Fitballs at $25 each in that transaction would be displayed in the same way. So if you were running a promotion of two fitballs for the price of one we could not tell the transactions apart. If we allocated a cost of goods sold here you would have multiple cost of goods sold allocated to a split transaction creating inaccuracy. As a workaround you can opt in (by selecting the option in the settings area) to update your inventory and cost of goods sold based on the MINDBODY inventory value changes when the sales data is copied across. While not mapping directly to individual items it can keep your inventory and cost of goods sold in balance with MINDBODY total inventory value. So just enter your supplier invoices into your nominated Cost of Goods Sold account and enter the inventory items into MINDBODY as receipted (with the same costs as the supplier invoice you entered)and QSSConnect will manage the inventory value movement between the two systems.
QSSConnect allows you to set up and manage this from within the connector so that the items you sell in MINDBODY are allocated a GST/VAT code as they pass through QSSConnect.
QSSConnect will manage this if you set up the pre-requisite clearing account for accounts receivable in your accounting system. You then assign this within the QSSConnect login area. Accounts receivable will need to be managed as one clearing account within your accounting system and individual accounts receivable accounts are managed within MINDBODY.
You can map these locations to tacking categories within your accounting system from within the QSSConnect settings area.

Currently we update data from MINDBODY every 45-60 minutes. If there is an outage for any reason (any of MINDBODY, Xero or QSSConnect are down) then data will be updated 45-60 minutes later and updates back to the last successful update. If you see data has not updated for some time please login to QSSConnect and check your connections. Sometimes after a product update by Xero or MINDBODY it could be possible that the connection to QSSConnect was lost and needs reconnected.

After you have completed registration and your application to use QSSConnect is approved by our systems the data will start to upload from that point onwards. Data from prior to signup with QSSConnect will not be uploaded to your accounting system. We recommend that you signup after close of business so that you can get a full day of transactions uploaded starting from the following day.
QSSConnect will resume updating data from the last successful transmission of data, so once the site is back up the data transmission will resume back to the last point of success.
The first thing to do is login to QSSConnect and check that your accounting system and MINDBODY are both connected. Even if they are you can try to reconnect to your accounting system to refresh the connection. Make sure that you have connected to the correct companies if you have multiple companies in your accounting system. If you are still having issues email us at tech support.(support@quotestocksell.com)
Once you have signed up with QSSConnect, login to your account and click on the “?” icon to view the help file. This will give you more information about setting up your accounting system and connecting to MINDBODY. We recommend you work with your accountant, book keeper or financial advisor when setting up QSSConnect, especially if you are unsure of exactly what you need to do in the chart of accounts in your accounting system.
No, you will still have to do a lot of your reporting from within MINDBODY as not all data will come across to your accounting system.
We currently support more than 80 countries with more being added, if you do attempt to sign up and your country is not supported please email us and we will add your country in.


Make sure you select all the payment types and match them up – even if you don’t use them. This way if one of your staff makes a processing error and uses a payment type that you don’t normally use, it will still come across to your accounting system and you can then track it down and move/journal it where it is supposed to be.
You will need to ensure that when you and your staff are using MINDBODY that you don’t alter past transactions as these will not be reflected in your accounting system, you must enter a reversal of the original transaction and enter a new one.
More help is available once you are signed in. QSSConnect currently offer a 7 day free trial, so sign up today and try it out.