Track and manage your customer interactions with your organisation through the Quote Stock Sell system. From building your client database through to quoting, ordering and supplying your clients with goods and services. Set notes and reminders against client interactions to enable staff follow up and provide better customer service.


Create a quote for your client and send it to them by email or print it out on your printer. Easy to use and options to add notes against each item you wish to quote. Quoting on five hours of labour along with the products on your quote? With Quote Stock Sell you can provide more detail on the item by typing in what you will be doing in that five hours of labour, so as to minimise confusion and dispute further down the track.
Turn quotes into orders at the click of a button or enter the order from scratch.
Manage your inventory using FIFO or average cost valuation methods. Track serial numbers, batch numbers or expiry dates of your inventory as it passes through your system to your clients. This helps to track product warranties. Look for stock that is about to reach it’s best before date so you can try to sell it before you have to throw it away. Set inventory re-order points and quantities for each line item.
Do you purchase items from suppliers and ship them direct to your customers? If so then Quote Stock Sell could work for you. You can even supply drop ship products and inventory stocked products on a single customer purchase order.
Do you sell service products? Hours of labour, lawn mows, car cleaning? Then Quote Stock Sell can assist as well with managing your customer interactions for the provision of services items.
Manage bin locations within your warehouse and allocate stock to bins when it is receipted. Move stock from bin location to bin location or site to site. Picking slip processing based on FIFO bin locations (direct your picking staff to pick the oldest stock first from the bin with the oldest stock – or for expiry dated products to the stock expiring the soonest).
Do you have multiple sites or locations? Quote Stock Sell can help. Manage stock transfers between sites. Check stock availability across all sites. Designate sites as inventory holding sites or Point of Sale capable sites or both.
Set sales targets for your sales staff and have Quote Stock Sell track this on a live basis for each sales person and as a summary for management.
Create supplier purchase orders and send them to suppliers by email or print them out to send. Quote Stock Sell will also generate suggested purchase orders by supplier and by location for the purchasing staff member to review modify and send based on your re-order point and re-order quantity or any back-ordered items in your system.
Quote Stock Sell offers a basic point of sale system. You can select what payment types you accept and you can choose to apply a surcharge to transactions based on the payment type your customer is using. Our POS module is ideally suited to low to medium volume POS transaction levels at present (so if you are a supermarket our POS product may not be suitable but if you need to transact through a POS system where you don’t have large queues of people waiting then Quote Stock Sell is probably a good fit).
You can manage faulty or damaged items in your inventory and remove them from saleable stock. You can also process the supplier return through your warehouse back to the supplier and the associated credit note from them. Goods returns to suppliers can be for faulty goods or non-faulty goods as required. You can also manage customer returns to your inventory or direct to suppliers if the items were originally drop shipped.
Every Quote Stock sell client company will receive one free external accountant login capability. If you wish to give your external accountant or book keeper access to your Quote Stock Sell information simply have them register as a partner and then add them in as the “External Accountant” user in your system. From there they will be able to access selected areas of your data to assist you with your business. You can remove or change them at any time should you decide to change your accountant or book-keeper.
Choose from the wide range of reports offered by Quote Stock Sell to review your sales performance, by product, manufacturer, or category. Stock reporting capabilities as well as supplier and customer reporting. More reports are being added on a regular basis.
Choose from several different user roles for your staff to give them different levels of access to the parts of the system that are appropriate to their position. Sales users do not get warehouse functionality for example.