MINDBODY revenue tracking categories in Xero

MINDBODY revenue tracking categories in Xero

We’ve just added the ability to link revenue category data as well as the current location data to your MINDBODY sales when they are processed to Xero. Now you can review your revenue by category in Xero.To enable this feature you will first need to login to Xero and create the product category options. To do this go to “Settings” then “General Settings” and choose “Tracking”. Now you can create your tracking category and associated options as per the screenshot below:

Once enabled you need to then map the MINDBODY categories to the Xero tracking category options you have set in Xero.

Now select the MINDBODY Category (revenue Category) that you wish to map to each Xero tracking category option:

Once you have mapped all your product categories and locations you can choose your starting point to upload transactions from a list of the last ten transactions and your data will start flowing to Xero.
More detailed help is available once logged in to QSSConnect by choosing the “?” symbol from the main menu

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