How to link MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online

How to link MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online

Guide for How to link MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online

1.  Login to QuickBooks Online and review your chart of accounts to ensure you have income accounts and classes and locations options (if you are using classes and locations) related to your MINDBODY Revenue and MINDBODY Product Categories for sales to post to. Make sure you also have control accounts/clearing accounts for the payments to go into (not forgetting a current liability account for the Gift Certificates).  Also make sure that you have your sales tax rates configured correctly in QuickBooks Online (if they are not already set up by default) and also in MINDBODY.  If the sales taxes (GST, HST, VAT, City, County, State sales tax) are not applied in MINDBODY they won’t be applied in QuickBooks Online.

2.  Login to MINDBODY and check that you have your items in the Revenue Categories and Product Categories that you want them in prior to setting up the connection to QuickBooks Online.  Check your sales tax settings for items and for your studio location(s) and Online Store are in place as needed.

3.  Register for a 7 day free trial of QSSLink from Quote Stock Sell

4.  Login to QSSLink and step through the setup pages to link MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online in the prefilled tables.

5.  Set your upload start points from the dropdown lists and start the upload process. QSSLink can then automatically upload your sales every 45-60 minutes.

Follow the help file in QSSLink as you go and if you have any trouble contact your assigned account manager at Quote Stock Sell for assistance.

Hope now you have a clear idea of how to how to link MINDBODY to QuickBooks Online. QuoteStockSell is a partner with Intuit and QSSLink is listed with QuickBooks Online and available in the QuickBooks App StoreQuoteStockSell is also a partner with MINDBODY and QSSLink is available in the MINDBODY Partner Store

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