Why should I choose Quote Stock Sell over your competitors?

  • by admin Aug 04, 2017

We think there are some pretty useful features in Quote Stock Sell that help to set us apart from our competition. If you choose to integrate to an external accounting package for instance, Quote Stock Sell will update your inventory via journals when you change any inventory status in Quote stock Sell. For example when you mark $500.00 of inventory as faulty in Quote Stock Sell we move that value on the balance sheet in your external accounting system into the faulty inventory category. If you then send those goods back to your supplier in Quote Stock Sell, we change the status of that inventory to “Goods returned to supplier awaiting credit” so that you know to chase up your supplier when you see this on the balance sheet and get that credit processed. Often as a manager you don’t want to log in to software to run reports or have scheduled reports constantly filling up your mail box, you just want to look at the Profit and Loss statement and the Balance Sheet to see what is happening in your business. With Quote Stock Sell helping to do this with your sales and inventory, as a manager, one quick glance at your balance sheet and you can see how much inventory is faulty or damaged and needs to be dealt with and you can then follow that up with the staff member responsible to stay on top the inventory issues before they get out of hand. This is just one of the many features Quote Stock Sell has implemented to try and make the task of being the owner manager of a small to medium sized business simpler. To find out more ask your accountant, book-keeper or financial advisor about the benefits of Quote Stock Sell or contact us directly on and we will get in touch with you to assist.