Why can’t I use Quote Stock Sell BPM in the USA or Canada yet?

  • by admin Aug 04, 2017

QSSConnect is available for the USA and Canada, but Quote Stock Sell BPM for USA and Canada are a little more complex than our other versions due to the complexities of the US sales tax system in particular (it is a little more challenging). We want to try and make our system simple and as easy to use as possible for our US and Canadian users, so we are looking to see if we can try to automate the many tax options and permutations (if possible) in some way for these countries. We are currently looking into the ability to have Quote Stock Sell cope with multiple sales taxes (state and county), sales tax holidays and expiring county tax rates to name a few items, that are delaying our US offering. As these vary state by state and province by province it is a challenging task as I am sure you are aware from dealing with it already. We may have to take the easy way out and use a simpler system with more work for the Quote Stock Sell user, but we do want to see what we can do to support the sales tax maze if we can. We’ll certainly keep you posted, but if you would like to register your interest in one of these versions please email us at and let us know what country and what state or province you are from as well as a little about your company and we can contact you about our beta program for that area when we have something in place.