I want to manage inventory but I don’t want to do picking slips and warehouse management?

  • by admin Aug 04, 2017

An easy way to do this is to set up the location that you warehouse from as a POS location. You can restrict it to account sales only if you like as well. Once you have done this, when you want to turn a quote into a customer order, use the “Send to POS” button instead of the “Make this an order” button. This will send the order as a POS order, which you can assemble and send to your customer without needing to follow the picking slip process. We realise some of our system users still want to manage their inventory but do not want to have to use a picking slip process when organising stock to go to a customer job. This is a particularly good option for tradespeople who carry stock in their store and/or van, and want to supply it easily and simply