At present QSSConnect and QSSLink are supported worldwide and for Quote Stock Sell BPM we support Australia, New Zealand,and the UK. We are working on more countries at present and hope to have those countries versions released as soon as possible. Email us at requests@quotestocksell.com if your country is not yet available in Quote Stock Sell and you would like us to work on supporting your country sooner rather than later.
QSSConnect is available for the USA and Canada, but Quote Stock Sell BPM for USA and Canada are a little more complex than our other versions due to the complexities of the US sales tax system in particular (it is a little more challenging). We want to try and make our system simple and as easy to use as possible for our US and Canadian users, so we are looking to see if we can try to automate the many tax options and permutations (if possible) in some way for these countries. We are currently looking into the ability to have Quote Stock Sell cope with multiple sales taxes (state and county), sales tax holidays and expiring county tax rates to name a few items, that are delaying our US offering. As these vary state by state and province by province it is a challenging task as I am sure you are aware from dealing with it already. We may have to take the easy way out and use a simpler system with more work for the Quote Stock Sell user, but we do want to see what we can do to support the sales tax maze if we can. We’ll certainly keep you posted, but if you would like to register your interest in one of these versions please email us at requests@quotestocksell.com and let us know what country and what state or province you are from as well as a little about your company and we can contact you about our beta program for that area when we have something in place.
We think there are some pretty useful features in Quote Stock Sell that help to set us apart from our competition. If you choose to integrate to an external accounting package for instance, Quote Stock Sell will update your inventory via journals when you change any inventory status in Quote stock Sell. For example when you mark $500.00 of inventory as faulty in Quote Stock Sell we move that value on the balance sheet in your external accounting system into the faulty inventory category. If you then send those goods back to your supplier in Quote Stock Sell, we change the status of that inventory to “Goods returned to supplier awaiting credit” so that you know to chase up your supplier when you see this on the balance sheet and get that credit processed. Often as a manager you don’t want to log in to software to run reports or have scheduled reports constantly filling up your mail box, you just want to look at the Profit and Loss statement and the Balance Sheet to see what is happening in your business. With Quote Stock Sell helping to do this with your sales and inventory, as a manager, one quick glance at your balance sheet and you can see how much inventory is faulty or damaged and needs to be dealt with and you can then follow that up with the staff member responsible to stay on top the inventory issues before they get out of hand. This is just one of the many features Quote Stock Sell has implemented to try and make the task of being the owner manager of a small to medium sized business simpler. To find out more ask your accountant, book-keeper or financial advisor about the benefits of Quote Stock Sell or contact us directly on info@quotestocksell.com and we will get in touch with you to assist.
Our philosophy is to work towards having a local presence in each currency area, as such the costs of doing business in each currency area are different. Just as a house in the UK is priced differently to a house in New Zealand, so are the costs of doing business. We want to have a local presence in each market to ensure our customers, our reseller and our training partners are well looked after. We can also give you a local invoice in your local currency too.
We are working on integrating web store products to quote stock sell. If you have a particular webstore that you use and would like it to be able to integrate please email us at requests@quotestocksell.com and we will add it to the list. We are also working on an API that should be available shortly so that webstore providers can offer integration to our product.
Quote Stock Sell house our data with Amazon Web Services where it is working on the Amazon infrastructure, behind the firewall systems they use to secure all their sites. We use SSL encryption (the same as most banks use for your online banking) to secure your data between your browser and our systems.
When you set up Quote Stock Sell for the first time you have the ability to import your customers, suppliers, products and inventory levels via spreadsheet upload. At present there are so many formats of data out there and Quote Stock Sell collects and stores a lot of variables about your data and your transactions for you so often it is easiest if you don’t have a lot of data to simply re-enter it, but if you do have a lot of existing data we can assist with importing your data if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, either directly or through one of our partners. Once entered into Quote Stock Sell your client contact data can automatically synchronise to your external accounting system if it is supported by Quote Stock Sell.
Once you sign up with Quote Stock Sell, the user roles you select for your employees will give them fewer screens to deal with than you as a manager have. As a manager though and the person who signed up you get to see all screens. We have comprehensive online help in the product. Additionally we are developing a network of accounting and book keeper partners and dedicated training partners who can assist with training. Please contact them directly (check out our partners and trainers page ) or if there is no accounting and book keeping partner or training partner listed in your area then please email us at info@quotestocksell.com and we will contact you to see what we can arrange in the form of webinar or classroom training in your area by a Quote Stock Sell representative or partner.
At present you can export your data by way of the reporting system to either print the selected reports of the data you require or export that report data to spreadsheet. We can if needed export data you require in various formats that may suit your needs on a price on application basis (email us at info@quotestocksell.com and you can contact us to establish a cost to do this). We do not offer any self export tools at present other than spreadsheet export to owner manager level system users by way of reports, as this is not something you want your employees to be easily able to do with your data
As each country is a separate taxation system you will need a separate system and login for each country that you operate in.
If you are an accountant or business advisor and would like to become a partner or training partner please click on the weblink here partner registration to register. Becoming a partner will also entitle you to the free use of our training system which allows you to configure a Quote Stock Sell demonstration entity that you can link to an external accounting system and use for internal training, client training and for sales presentations and demonstrations.
An easy way to do this is to set up the location that you warehouse from as a POS location. You can restrict it to account sales only if you like as well. Once you have done this, when you want to turn a quote into a customer order, use the “Send to POS” button instead of the “Make this an order” button. This will send the order as a POS order, which you can assemble and send to your customer without needing to follow the picking slip process. We realise some of our system users still want to manage their inventory but do not want to have to use a picking slip process when organising stock to go to a customer job. This is a particularly good option for tradespeople who carry stock in their store and/or van, and want to supply it easily and simply.
We have pricing for QSSConnect and QSSLink which is charged per MINDBODY location per month, whereas our Quote Stock Sell BPM pricing is is charged per active employee per month in your Quote Stock Sell system. If you set up a staff member and grant them access to the system then a monthly charge will apply for their use of the system for that month. When employees are marked inactive they stop being charged at the end of that monthly billing cycle and their access to the system is stopped as soon as you mark them inactive.
This is to prevent people sharing logins and entering data under someone else’s name. If you login and are already logged in somewhere else one login will be stopped (logged out) to allow the other to continue. All your transactions that you make are tracked against the person that was logged in and made those transactions. This way you can track who has been doing what in your system. If people share logins they disrupt the integrity of the data – if two people were logged in to the POS machine as say, Tom Smith at the same time and a large transaction was incorrectly entered, it is not possible to tell which person made the error and needs some additional training or education. This also ensures that we at Quote Stock Sell are able to bill for the right number of users using our system.