Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Making the connections to QuickBooks Online and MINDBODY

The first step is to complete the connection to QuickBooks Online. Click the button to connect to QuickBooks Online:

(Note: if you have disconnected from QuickBooks Online your OAuth Tokens are now invalidated and you must reconnect in the same process described below)

You will be asked if you wish to Add/Update your QuickBooks Online connection – so if you are happy to connect you can agree to this to connect to your QuickBooks Online account to QSSlink (a Quote Stock Sell product).

If you are not already logged in to QuickBooks Online you will be asked to do so.
Now you can sign in with your QuickBooks Online credentials to connect. Click “Authorize” on the screen that appears and once done it will take you back to QSSLink to complete your setup.
If you connected successfully you will see a confirmation on the QSSLink screen as shown below:

Then click “Next” to continue