Connecting a single multisite MINDBODY system to multiple Xero company files with QSSConnect

Connecting a single multisite MINDBODY system to multiple Xero company files with QSSConnect

Our latest update to QSSConnect now allows you to map a single location in your MINDBODY system to a Xero company file.  If you wish to connect multiple sites from within your single MINDBODY system to separate Xero company files you can now do this by setting up a separate QSSConnect instance for each site you wish to connect and then selecting the MINDBODY site and Xero company file to link within the QSSConnect interface.  As each QSSConnect instance is identified by email address you will need to use a different email address for each login (site connection between MINDBODY location and Xero company file) – but this can be achieved by setting up a “nickname” or “alias” in your email system to provide you with an additional email address relating to each site.

The steps for setting up are as follows:
  1. Register with QSSConnect ( for the first site you wish to connect.  Let’s say we are going to  set up “Clubville” first, so I will create an email nickname of say or I may use my usual email address here as it is the first connection I am creating in QSSConnect.
  2. Now in Xero I will need to set up Tracking Categories and create a category then a category option to link to the MINDBODY location.  In our example we have used “Adelaide” as the Xero tracking category that we are going to map to “Clubville” in MINDBODY.
  3. Now I can log in to QSSConnect and complete the form with my company info.  Also you setup your location details in the “Office details” table.  At this point you cannot link your locations as you are not connected – so you will come back here at the end of the process.
  4. Now you connect to the Xero company file you want to link to on the Xero-MINDBODY settings page and then connect to MINDBODY.
  5. Complete the rest of the set up (as per the QSSConnect help file) on the Xero-MINDBODY settings page and save your changes.
  6. Now return to the “System settings” page and click on the location in the office details that you set up earlier and select the Xero tracking category, the Xero tracking option and the MINDBODY location you wish to connect to this Xero file and select “Allow MINDBODY Sync” to be “Yes” for this location.  Click the blue tick in the box to save this information.  If you select “No” here it will not sync this location.
  7. There is no need to setup the other locations in this table if you do not wish them to synch to this Xero file, but if you do set them up you can set them to “no” if you do not want them to sync to your selected Xero file.
  8. Now repeat the whole process for the next Xero file you wish to link to the next MINDBODY location, starting with the QSSConnect registration for that location.

Feel free to email us if you encounter any difficulties in connecting or if you have any issues on

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