About us

About Quote Stock Sell

We provide online business process management software that links in with other online accounting software. We offer several products Quote Stock Sell BPM (Business Process Management) for inventory and POS, QSSConnect to bring MINDBODY sales data to Xero and QSSLink to bring MINDBODY sales data to QuickBooks Online. Our QSSConnect and QSSLink products are designed for clients throughout the world whereas our Quote Stock Sell BPM product is currently only available for Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. We also offer custom integration services should clients need more specialised accounting system integrations. Please contact us if we can help.

Quote Stock Sell have developed an online software product QSS BPM

which is designed to help manage business processes that take place within small to medium sized businesses. If you can standardise and streamline procedures it helps to maintain order and organisation as your business grows. Sometimes it can seem a little time consuming to set up processes and ensure people comply with them, but in the long term it should help to save you money and time by ensuring that there is documentation and accountability from your team – with Quote Stock Sell we aim to provide as many of those procedures and processes as we can in an accessible framework for you to access and benefit from.

Our philosophy

At Quote Stock Sell was to provide systems that will make an organisation more efficient in a cost effective manner. If our system was priced at about the value of one hour of an average workers time each month, and our system could save that user of our system more than one hour of their time each month, then the product should be beneficial to all those who use it.
The history of the Quote Stock Sell BPM product can be traced back as far as the 1990s where a simple system for managing customers, quotes and orders was developed for use in conjunction with another small business accounting system in a specific vertical market. From there it grew and grew with several rewrites along the way, as well as migrating from database system to database system as the product grew, finally after yet another full rewrite, Quote Stock Sell BPM was launched as a commercially available web based service in 2011.

Quote Stock Sell are committed to operating as locally as we can

with local representation as much as possible in the markets in which we operate. We are currently servicing Australia, New Zealand and the UK, operating in each location and charging GST or VAT as applicable in that location. We are planning to expand to other countries very soon, so if you would like us to release our BPM product in your country sooner rather than later, please email us at info@quotestocksell.com with your contact details so we can contact you to discuss in more detail the relevant aspects of your local market. Our QSSConnect and QSSLink products are currently supported in most countries throughout the world – but if you have any challenges in selecting your country on sign up please let us know and we can ensure your country is added.